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Hackintosh scene today

Hackintoshing is easy today this is what sites like Lifehacker and tonymacx86 claim. But when u look on the details there are problems. Some things can be changed by major kext and dsdt edits, but these needs knowledge and open hardware. One the one hand gigabyte  claims there boards as hackintosh friendly but uses VIA sound chips. Also still latest board  include ports a chip nobody needs like 3th-party USB  3, VGA, PS2 ports, cheap ethernet chips. On Asus boards     the firmware prohibits proper power management on macs.

This is what projectQ changes:

  • custom firmware with support for UNIX/LINUX/Windows (Open Source )
  • built-in  TI Firewire 800/400 (Texas Instruments XIO2213A/B/XIO2221 IEEE-1394b OHCI Controller)
  • no VGA
  • no PS2
  • Intel Server Class Etherne (Intel 82574L LAN)
  • Realtek Audio
  • all except Audio will run OOOTB


As it looks right now the motherboard still needs FakeSMC to boot MAC OS X, if the announced integrated bootloader might change this is unknown. But it looks like there is no smc-hardware.

⇒ So a special motherboard but not a mac.

You can Back the Project on Kickstarter to support further developments of special motherboards.

Update: Already founded! over 100k raised so far!

Photos by meklort 
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Fire – Timelapse

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Random Photos

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Echo Audiofire 4

In our PC’s we have powerfull gpus and CPU’s today. One thing often ignored is Audio. Yes that realtek chip support multichannel, spdif, but sounds noisy and weak. As gamer you also suffer under audio-lags caused by bad drivers and hardware-implementation.

First I looked for pci-express cards. The affordable and audiophile customer cards from Asus would be a nice choice but are windows only.

Left over was an Firewire or USB Audiointerface ? – a matter of opinion in this days.

My choice was the Echo Audiofire 4, which I bought used at ebay and a PCIe Ti Firewire400 card:

+ good sound quality

+ stable and updated drivers for Mac and Windows even for Linux

+ nice aluminum mac-like design

+ 3,5mm mini-jack Headphone

– headphone can only be outed to one channel pair


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Hackintosh Link Database

General Sites:

Insanelymac Forum

Knowledge Base

USB3 Driver
original MAC Hardware Dumps database
DarwinDumper (SystemInfo)
Clover Bootloader


newest Isal
change device ids

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Get right cpu-type in Chameleon for SandyBridge i7

By using ssdtPRGen i recognized Chameleon set a wrong cpu-type 701 (i7 1.Gen) instead of 702 (i7 2.Gen).

CPU-TYPE Values:
301 // Core 2 Duo
70* // i7
60* // i5
90* // i3
* Dales_Bridge 1, Sandy Bridge 2/3, Ivy Bridge 4

Now to the coding:
Get chameleon source and open /i386/libsaio/smbios_getters.c
Change line 201

					case CPU_MODEL_SANDYBRIDGE:			// Intel Core i3, i5, i7 LGA1155 (32nm)
					case CPU_MODEL_IVYBRIDGE:			// Intel Core i3, i5, i7 LGA1155 (22nm)
					case CPU_MODEL_DALES_32NM:			// Intel Core i3, i5 LGA1156 (32nm)
						if (strstr(Platform.CPU.BrandString, "Core(TM) i3"))
							value->word = 0x0901;			// Core i3
							if (strstr(Platform.CPU.BrandString, "Core(TM) i5"))
								value->word = 0x0601;		// Core i5
								value->word = 0x0701;		// Core i7
						return true;


value->word = 0x0702;        // Core i7

and you ready to built.
Check the changes in ioreg.
Warning: this is only a fast fix for Sandybridge i7 CPUS.

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Blog starting at March

First I’ll post in english, but some stuff in german may follow.

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